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A Podcast Interview with Dr. Ben Behrendt

In today’s episode, we’re continuing our series on collaborative healthcare interviewing Dr. Ben Behrendt who has a really unique approach to patient care and treatment. As a child, Dr. Ben experienced a severe traumatic brain injury in a skiing accident and his doctors didn’t think he would live. Against all odds, he pulled through and had to relearn how to do almost everything.

After seeing his own specialists and healing from his injury, he had the desire to help others with head injuries. Fast forward to today, and Dr. Ben specializes in working with patients who have had concussions or other brain injuries. Dr. Ben is passionate about helping people who are under-served, being a life-long learner, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to give the patient the best treatment possible. In this episode, Dr. Ben not only shares his story but shares a message of hope for anyone who feels like they are stuck in their healing journey.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Dr. Ben’s own severe traumatic brain injury influenced his career path

  • Dr. Ben’s view on the collaborative healthcare approach

  • Red flags for people who have experienced concussions in the past

  • A glimpse into some of the equipment and therapies Dr. Ben uses

  • What kind of patients could benefit from working with Dr. Ben


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