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A Podcast Interview with Dr. Cedrick Noel

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Dr. Laura Hanson recently had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Cedrick Noel, one of the founders of Brain and Body Rehabilitation Specialists (BBRS), on her personal podcast. Dr. Noel is a chiropractic neurologist who specializes in spine care.

In this conversation, Dr. Noel explained the importance of collaboration in healthcare not just for the patient’s benefit, but also for the benefit of the healthcare providers themselves. He also talked about what he does as a chiropractic neurologist and how he address both brain and body in order to help his patients achieve optimal results.

While Dr. Noel’s main focus and passion is spine care, he sees a wide variety of patients for a variety of other issues including brain injuries, dizziness, and balance issues.

To learn more about Dr. Noel, listen to this podcast.

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