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Unlocking the Potential: Nurturing Children with ADHD Naturally

The phrase ADHD can be concerning to many parents. Their child's symptoms may be hyperactivity, poor behavior, mind wandering, and lack of focus at home or school. As a parent, I wanted my kids to have an excellent education, and succeed academically and socially in school.

Children with ADHD struggle to focus on reading and comprehending texts. Their minds often wander to other things, such as baseball, a game, a pet, or talking to friends. They cannot sit, focus and retain information.

As a functional nutritionist, I can share several reasons for ADHD in kids and adults.

*low blood sugar

*food intolerance

*poor diet

*vitamin deficiency



An example pertains to a 15-year-old girl under my care. According to her mother, she exhibited symptoms such as paleness, fatigue, dizziness, and an inability to concentrate. I ran comprehensive laboratory tests, which showed three alerts.

One crucial alert appeared: low iron levels needed to carry oxygen in the body, including the brain.

Another marker was low D, which helps with the immune system and good energy. The third marker was reactive hypoglycemia, causing her to feel dizzy, hungry, non-focused, and have ADHD symptoms.

This child improved her ADHD by eating better, taking iron and vitamin D, and not needing medication.

When I work with young children, they often come to my office and ask many questions. They draw fast on a whole notepad and show me creative pictures, but these are constant interruptions during the appointments.

They get up, come to my desk, use my keyboard without asking, and keep asking their mom or dad for food. They are hungry, off balance, and cannot focus on one thing. Their brains are wired and running on negative energy.

I aim to shift their brain activity towards a more positive and healthy energy level. This will enable them to react less to things and have a more balanced response. The aim is to have their brains run on positive, healthy energy that doesn't overreact.

After I run functional labs on them, I always find the answer to why they have ADHD symptoms. Various factors can cause ADHD. These factors include low blood sugar, toxic metals, gluten sensitivity, food intolerance, or a lack of a balanced diet.

Whatever the cause, I work hard to find it.

As a functional nutritionist, my blood work is more comprehensive than your traditional labs. Most labs, but not all, can go via insurance to keep the cost low.

I look at lab results differently. I look at the "functional" ranges, not just the traditional ranges.

I also look at food "intolerances," which affect the brain, not food "allergies"; they are different. A food intolerance reaction may start minutes, hours, or days after ingesting food.

Can I empathize with your family's situation? I brought up two wonderful boys. My older son had OCD and ADHD during his early years.

I never documented it and chose not to use that term at home. Instead, I tested him and found that he had high levels of aluminum. Additionally, his iron levels were low, as well as his vitamin D levels. Furthermore, I discovered that he had a gluten intolerance.

We changed his diet, added a couple of supplements, and his ADHD symptoms improved quickly. I showed him how a meal should look and how food impacts his thoughts, school, attitude, and friends.

ADHD symptoms are real, but there are natural methods to assist your children in leading a more manageable, healthier, and happier life.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your family.

And, if you'd like to learn more about healthy eating habits, please watch this recent lecture we conducted at our offices:


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