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Dr. Laura Hanson

Functional Neurology


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  • Certified Autism Specialist

  • Board-certified in Neurofeedback

  • Board-certified Chiropractic Pediatric Diplomate

Fun Facts:

A Bit About Me

Hello, my name is Dr. Laura Hanson, D.C., MS, D.I.C.C.P., NDT, BCN, CAS. I have had an incredible journey developing unique skills in working with the brain. I am a board-certified chiropractic pediatric diplomate and Neurofeedback specialist. In addition, I am a neuro-developmental therapist, I hold a Master’s in Sports Health Science with a concentration in Nutrition and I am a Certified Autism Specialist. Part of my journey included faculty positions at both Palmer College and Life University from 2003 until 2012.  I have been privileged to travel domestically and internationally teaching health care professionals, teachers, and parents on the progression of pediatric development.  

I have been in practice since 1996 in the specializing in pediatric development and brain-based patient management. One of the greatest opportunities I have experienced during my years of practice is teaching and caring for children with developmental delay. I have worked with hundreds of parents seeking to find a resolution for their child’s chronic battle in health and development.

My passion is to help the world be transformed by the renewing of their mind.

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