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Jennifer Novak, MS, CSCS*D

Neuromuscular Performance Specialist


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  • Master Biomechanics in Cervical, Trunk, upper and lower extremities, and foot/ankle

  • Masters degree in Kinesiology

  • Post Rehabilitation Training (post-graduate)

  • Functional and Developmental Neurology for Motor Planning (post-graduate)

  • Nutrition for Sports Injury Management

  • Functional Range Conditioning

  • Hemispheric Model for Injury Recovery

Fun Facts:

  • Serves on NSCA's Georgia State Advisory Board

  • Chair of NSCA'a Sports Medicine & Rehab Executive Council

  • Served as an adjunct instructor at Emory University's Health and Physical Education Department

A Bit About Me

I have a history spanning more than three decades in both healthcare and sport performance fields. With a Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology and several affiliated areas of expertise, I enjoy playing a role in the improvement of performance and resilience to anyone struggling through a plateau, from the elite athlete to the everyday human. It’s the foundation upon which I founded PEAK Symmetry Performance Strategies. We work together to overcome the issue/s so we can jointly celebrate our success! My goal is that you become The Most Resilient You.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with distinction (CSCS*D), I stay actively involved in the National Strength and Conditioning Association to learn the latest evidence-led processes and improve outcomes for injury or setback. I serve on NSCA’s Georgia State Advisory Board and as the chair of their Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Executive Council.

Intrigued by the brain’s role in monitoring and responding to force and stressors, I completed a post-graduate course in Functional and Developmental Neurology. Using this knowledge, I have been able to craft targeted processes using the senses that include the brain, finding that strategic neurological involvement is key in helping to break through performance plateaus. 

I have resided in the metro Atlanta area since elementary school and love calling Georgia home. I have a wonderful and supportive husband of 24 years and two thriving adult sons. 

The services I offer include:

  • Movement Repatterning Techniques

  • Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy)

  • Neurosage Brain Balancing Software


"I've been coming to see Jennifer for a few years now. Initially we worked to help my body with improving mobility and movement corrections for exercise. More recently, we used the Neurosage software to help me thrive in a new position. Under her guidance, I was able to feel calmer and more in-control and could multitask without getting overwhelmed. I highly recommend everything she has to offer!"

        - R.F., Sales Professional


"Jennifer is a true healer. She stays involved and connected with me until my issue is resolved, whatever it might be. I can't imagine not having her healing spirit in my life."

        - R.H., Business Consultant, ALTA Tennis, and Hiker


"I'm a specialized personal trainer with 25 years' running my own facility. I pay attention to detail with all my clients, and recommend Jennifer to them whenever they need to improve mechanics, get rid of pain, improve brain function, or just for overall health improvement. She's helped both clients and family with her skills and with Neurosage, and has had a big impact on quality of life, work, and school for them!"

        - S.B., Business Owner and Personal Trainer


"I love coming to Jennifer in my off season. I tell her that spending time with her skills is like getting a 'software upgrade'. The season and travel is very demanding on my body. Everything flows and works better after we have some sessions together."

        - M.G., Professional Athlete


"We have been sending our athletes to Jennifer for stubborn and nagging issues and injuries for many years. She supports our program by getting them all back to us by supporting safe return to play and minimizing injury vulnerability. "

        - C.D., Athletic Trainer at a K-12 Private School

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