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Dr. José Miguel Adorno Febo




  • DACBN - In progress

Fun Facts:

  • Basketball, exercise, fitness, hiking, and enjoys traveling

  • Mother was a Nurse

  • Father was a Physical Therapist

A Bit About Me

I am Dr. José Miguel Adorno Febo, a country boy raised by both my parents who made sure to instill through my development values ​​such as charisma, empathy, humility, justice, and respect for all people. As a kid, I was very active and talkative. I loved and still enjoy spending time with people, laughing with them, and making them feel good because I can feel the same way. That's where my first steps in helping and making people around me feel good began. Having a nurse for a mom and a physical therapist for a dad, I was able to come across a variety of experiences that led me to choose this incredible profession. I received my doctorate’s degree from Life University and I’m currently studying to get a diploma in Neurology. 


My vision and mission as your Doctor of Chiropractor is to prioritize the health of each and every one of the patients that visit our clinic, with the goal of helping them achieve a better lifestyle. I initially intended to become a physical therapist. However, the holistic approach of chiropractic care allowed me improve people’s health in a greater magnitude. Having the opportunity of being the mediator between God and a patient’s health is truly rewarding and I’m incredibly blessed to have been placed in this position. I strive, as your doctor of chiropractic, to provide you all my knowledge and attention to optimize your overall well being.


listen to an interview with dr. josé

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