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A Better Approach to Autism Via the Gravity Receptors of the Brain

Autism is a condition in which the brain is experiencing inaccurate interpretation of incoming signals and poor integration of various signals which should work in synergy. Some might define autism as a whole-body neuropathy, meaning that all the nerves in the body are not transmitting signals appropriately, some in excess and others are on a dimmer.

Clinically we have found that most patients with autism have a great level of deficiency in the cerebellum and in the brain stem. Since long range connections are greatly affected we cannot limit the condition to only those regions, but it is critical to take a foundation first approach and then fork your way out through the brain.

Our unique method of addressing the neurological foundation first is called The Gravity Reset Method and we teach it to top clinicians all over the world. The Gravity Reset Method is designed to re-calibrate the brain's compass by restoring optimal integration of the Vestibular, Visual and Sensory Systems. Take a look at our blog on the Gravity Reset Method for more information.

Once the patient has a better relationship to gravity, the next step is to optimize the sensory maps. This is very important in becoming better aware of where your own body is in space. We have a very specific method to accomplish this vital step in this order.

Now that the brain's compass is recalibrated and we have removed the dimmer from the sensory system, the next step is to layer in eye movement training with some motor tasks.

The order in which we perform our therapeutic intervention is of great value. The intensity and duration of our applications need to be individualized and change with progress. We like to also us Pulse PEMF therapy to exercise all the cells of the body and complement our care.

At BBRS our mission is to provide the highest quality care to our patients through a specific individualized brain-based approach and restoring optimal brain and body synergy.

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