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Our Unique Solution for Plantar Fasciitis

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Too many people experience heel or foot pain needlessly and it seems to be more common now then I can recall in over 20 years of practice. Plantar fasciitis is classically characterized as heel pain that is worse first thing in the morning. There are a mix of common recommendations out there such as wearing orthotics, stretching, cortisone, ice and so on, but none of these address the root of the problem and some are more harmful than helpful

The Brain & Body solution is considering the impact that a brain imbalance can have on the muscle tone surrounding the ankle and also addressing the local structural problem which may have resulted in a hardening of the plantar fascia. We have created a 3 step process to resolve heel pain at a high success rate.

Step 1 is applying our Gravity Reset Method to recalibrate the brain’s compass. The number one cause of heel tension is an imbalance in muscle tone due to a shift in posture and balance. Our Gravity Reset Method has proven to have an immediate impact on balance and posture, therefore eliminating the original cause of muscle imbalances. See what one of our patients has to say about how this method improved the quality of her life.

Step 2 is performing deep tissue release of the plantar fascia over 3-5 minutes 1-2 times per week. If needed we then perform chiropractic adjustments of the ankle and any other areas in need.

Step 3 is sustained stretching of the ankle. A sustained stretch is performed for a minimum of 1 minute but we like to recommend 3-5 minutes based on tolerance. In our office we combine the sustained calf stretch with vibration from a vibration platform. See a video of our 3 step method to resolving plantar fasciitis on youtube


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