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StimPod - A Non-invasive Care Solution

In our office we use the StimPod for a variety of conditions and it has been surpassing our patients expectations for many difficult conditions such as spinal pain, carpal tunnel, TMJ syndrome, migraines, knee pain, urinary incontinence and so much more. What sets this amazing device apart is that it promotes the healing of peripheral nerves, it interrupts persevering pain loops in many areas of the body and most patients can feel a difference in 1-3 visits.

The StimPod can be used for other purposes also such as stimulating the trigeminal nerve in order to activate a region of the brain stem which can condition the parasympathetic response. The brain stem houses the a vital system called the autonomic system, which is comprised of the parasympathetic (rest and digest) and the sympathetic (fight or flight, stress response) systems. The Stimpod can be very useful in restoring balance in that system.

Stimpod NMS460 is a Non-invasive Pulsed Radiofrequency (PRF) System for peripheral nerve stimulation and healing.

Stimpod NMS460’s revolutionary waveform generates electromagnetic effects, utilizing PRF which affects the cellular metabolic activity of a neuropathic nerve. The resulting cellular response changes the characteristics of the nerve, which in many cases causes the nerve to recover back to its normal function.

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